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Ouverture - an idea of light

Quick lighting makes its debut at MDW 2022 with the installation “Ouverture - an idea of light” within a suggestive historical residence with private garden in the Brera district in Milan. The concept, designed by Parisotto+Formenton Architetti, stems from the desire to express a contemporary idea of light by declining the experience in two moments: starting from the outside and arriving at the interior spaces.

In the garden

A promenade among trees, light and nature that is a prelude to Quick Lighting’s vision: to work alongside the designer to give life to his very personal idea of light that becomes dialogue, design and solution. The garden is full of leafy, wild and untamed bushes which reminds of the spontaneous nature that grows on the dunes next to the sea. A sinuous and open path passes through the en plein air environment, characterized by relaxation areas and soft lights. The sound of the calm sea and the summer breeze will accompany the visitor in what will be an oasis in the heart of the big city.

Discovery and Meditation

The façade of the building is characterised on the ground floor by a bow window that projects towards the garden like a lit lantern, while the windows light up like a lighthouse illuminating the night from the promontory. Crossing the threshold of the discovery room, the visitors will find a museum display that illustrates the idea of light according to Quick: a unique manufacturing excellence that makes coexist, within its walls, not only the research of materials and design concept, but also design, development, engineering, testing and, finally, production. The indoor itinerary ends with a stop in the meditation room, a moment of respite from the hectic days of Milan, where light becomes suggestion and poetry. 

The guest of the itinerary is Arcipelago, a capsule collection composed of different lamps for nautical interiors, designed by Parisotto+Formenton for the marine lighting division.

Activities schedule

June 6
15:00 — 18:30 Press preview - Press preview of the Quick Lighting collection and the Arcipelago capsule collection by Parisotto + Formenton Studio for Quick Marine Lighing
18:30 — 23:00 Press preview - None
June 7
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition - None
June 8
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition - None
June 9
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition - None
18:30 — 23:00 Private party - ON-OFF. LUCI E OMBRE NEL RETAIL The founders of 23bassi will tell us about their vision of light in retail projects.
June 10
10:00 — 18:30 Exhibition - None
18:30 — 23:00 Private party - AN IDEA OF LIGHT - Aldo and Fulvio, who together with us oversaw the setting up of the space, will talk about their personal idea of ​​light.
June 11
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition - None
June 12
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition - None

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Access rules

Free access. To protect health, the exhibition will be held in strict compliance with the rules laid down by the anti Covid regulations. With attention and control for: distancing, verification of body temperature and with the request to everyone to wear a protective mask.