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Roseto Design Square presents HUMANO by Joaquin Morodo

On the occasion of the upcoming Milan Design Week 2022, Roseto Group makes its debut opening the Roseto Design Square to an international audience. 

The architectural philosophy of Roseto Group, a new concept of volumes, light, technology and functionality developed with exclusive settings of privacy and security, will be experienced by the Fuorisalone guests through an itinerary of architecture and design, introduced by the starring artist of their spaces: Joaquin Morodo.


Inside the historical XVI Century Priory, Roseto will present Joaquin Morodo’s art pieces through a multi-sensorial “walkway” of visuals and sounds, halfway between the elegance of a museum exhibition and the momentum of a contemporary and minimalist act of installation, with eyes to the near future. The project is curated by the Entertainment Architecture studio BE.ON DVYSION with the collaboration of the creative digital The Way Magazine. 

Activities schedule

June 6
10:30 — 14:00 Press preview
19:00 — 23:00 Private party
June 7
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Open to public
June 8
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Open to public
June 9
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - open to public
June 10
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Open to public
June 11
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - open to public
June 12
11:00 — 15:00 Exhibition - Open to public

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An experimental innovative approach to architecture, blending the codes of entertainment, design, sensorial immersive installations and unique value of products and places, redefining the meaning of luxury through a sustainable and more authentic philosophy.

Joaquin Morodo

Joaquín Morodo is a Spanish artist and entrepreneur born in Madrid. He promotes himself as a lover of the eco-sustainability of the planet, of nature and of architectural, aesthetic and moral beauty. He currently participates in numerous social and human rights works.


Roseto Design Square

Corso Garibaldi, 95 - Milano

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