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This event is inspired by Neapolitan gestures

Stepping into a café in the heart of Milan and finding yourself in Naples. Majolicas’ vivid colours, the intense scent of real Neapolitan coffee, and a new protagonist of the city’s tradition: hand gestures.


On Thursday 9th of June, Caffe Napoli will give you the unique and unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in a complete sensory experience. During the Fuorisalone 2022, in celebration of the 7 years anniversary of the brand, “Capisce a me” will be launched. This project focusses on the skilful use of gestures as a language that is able to communicate, become a discourse and transmit a message. And even go as far as recreate an atmosphere, the atmosphere of Naples. 


Designed and produced by Elisabetta Wolleb and Paola Cosenza (COZ), “Capisce a me” is inspired by Bruno Munari’s work. The project strives to connect, using the tools of design, two symbols of the Neapolitan tradition: coffee and gestures.


Naples is creativity, genius, imagination. Gestures, used as a way to communicate, allow the people of Naples to be understood everywhere. Naples is the art of cooking, it’s music, it’s theatre and it’s gestures. We believe that enjoying a real coffee means being able to fully experience the Neapolitaness of this ritual. From the very beginning, Caffe Napoli has enthusiastically supported our project, which we are very happy about. 




During the Fuorisalone, in the Caffe Napoli store at Largo la Foppa, 1 in Milano, from 18pm to 21pm the interior and exterior of the store will be set up. A welcome drink and neapolitan tastes flavors. The display of the limited-edition coffee cups will be accompanied by an immersive exhibition, whose star protagonist will be hands and their ability to dialogue. The coffee cups, hand-decorated by COZ, will be available for sale on the day. Printed clothes hanging out to dry like laundry, gestures, sharing, coffee: all of this under Milanese porticos, just outside of the Moscova metro stop. The exhibition will be open all week, and the event, which includes drinks, is scheduled forThursday 9th of June.


LE IDEATRICI. Paola Cosenza, in arte Coz, è visual designer e illustrator. Nasce il primo febbraio 1988 a Piano di Sorrento, in provincia di Napoli. Si trasferisce a Milano per

intraprendere gli studi di Graphic Design e Art Direction presso la NABA. Dopo una breve esperienza a Praga e a Lugano ritorna nella città meneghina per intraprendere la sua carriera lavorativa. Alla grafica, nei suoi progetti, affianca sempre la sua più grande passione che è l’illustrazione, ricca di riferimenti e legami alla sua terra d’origine. Ama la manualità dell’arte e tutto quello che le da la possibilità di mettere un po’ in standbye il suo pc. Cerca sempre di allargare le sue conoscenze tecniche per esprimersi in nuovi progetti che possano arricchire e stimolare la sua creatività. 




Paola Cosenza, aka Coz, is a visual designer and illustrator. She was born on the 1st of February 1988 in Piano di Sorrento, in the Naples province. She moved to Milan to study Graphic Design and Art Direction at NABA. After a brief experience in Prague and Lugano, Paola moved back to Milan to start her career. She always strives to combine graphic design with her true passion, illustrations, through which she strengthens her bonds to her native land. She loves handwork and everything that allows her to step away from her laptop. She is constantly trying to update her technical knowledge and to express herself through new and creative projects.


Elisabetta Wolleb, architect and designer, was born in Milan in 1991. She has a degree in architecture specializing in interior design from Politecnico. She gained her experience in the field of interior architecture and product designing working for many years for Studio Irvine and as freelance architect. Gradually she started to combine her passion for architecture together with her architectural job, carring out personal creative projects.

Activities schedule

June 6
09:00 — 18:00 Exhibition
June 7
09:00 — 18:00 Exhibition
June 8
09:00 — 18:00 Exhibition
June 9
18:00 — 21:00 Show - “Capisce a me” is inspired by Bruno Munari’s work: an immersive exhibition, whose protagonist will be hands and their ability to dialogue.
June 10
09:00 — 18:00 Exhibition
June 11
09:00 — 18:00 Exhibition
June 12
09:00 — 18:00 Exhibition

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Caffè Napoli

Coz Paola Cosenza

Coz, she is a visual designer and illustrator. She was born in Piano di Sorrento, (NA). He moved to Milan to study Graphic Design and Art Direction. In his projects, she always combines graphics with his greatest passion: illustration, full of references to her homeland.

Elisabetta Wolleb

Elisabetta Wolleb architect and designer, was born in Milan in 1991. She graduated at Politecnico and earned the master in interior desing. She gradually combined her passion for photography together with architecutr, starting her personal projects.


Caffè Napoli

Largo la Foppa, 1 - Milano

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