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Presentation of the Son of a Pitch© Award

Son of a Pitch Award - Venice 2022. Cinema for under 30 talents, meeting organized by Save The Cut and eFM on 9th June in the Brera’s heart.

The event is dedicated to the presentation of the Son of a Pitch film award, which will be held on the Venice Lido, during the International Film Festival.

Inserted in the official catalogue of Milan Design Week, the initiative will be hosted in Statuto 11, the Milan eFM office. It aims to stimulate a dialogue with the world of culture, contaminating the typical rationality of the real estate sector with the momentum and sensitivity of the artistic world.

The event will be presented by Emanuela Genovese, editorial manager of Son of a Pitch, and will see the participation of:

- Giuseppe Capicotto, General Manager eFM

- Bianca Sartirana, Founder Son of a Pitch Award

- Cristiano Travaglioli, Editor, EFA European Oscar for Paolo Sorrentino's “La grande bellezza”

- Maria Chiara Valacchi, independent curator and art editor of Elledecor

- Alfonso Femia, Architect, Founder 500x100 and Founder Atelier (s) Alfonso Femia

- Erminio Perocco, Director and Creative Director.

Activities schedule

June 9
19:00 — 20:30 Meeting - Presentation of the Son of a Pitch film award, to be held on the Venica Lido, during the International Film Festival.

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eFM Engaging Places

eFM is a platform company based in 4 different continents. It deals with inhabited spaces starting from the relationships that are built within it. eFM designs, builds and manages properties considering their whole cycle. Through the MYSPOT it enables distributed spaces and implements Smart Contract

Save the Cut

Save The Cut is a communication agency and motion picture company with more than 10 years experience, born with the aim to fuse the cinema stylistic features with the world of communication. STC created the project Son of a Pitch, a network of young authors with whom to share projects and ideas



Via Statuto, 11 - Milano

Access rules

Closed event, participation by invitation only.