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The inner part of the house

For the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile, Amleto Missaglia invites you on a sensorial journey at the discovery of unique know-hows and exceptional artisanal research. Merging Italy and Japan in an unprecedented dialogue of materials, sensations and techniques, Amleto Missaglia continues to enchant and delight the city of Milan with the outstanding quality and the the excellent selection of design firms that have marked its glorious history elevating it to the finest home decor boutique in Milan, from over 130 years.

Founded in 1884, Amleto Missaglia is the ultimate destination where discovering the most refined Art of the Table as well as outstanding lightning and luxurious household accessories.

« Okumuki » is a japanese word that translates to "The inner part of the house" and for Amleto Missaglia in the context of this year's Salone del Mobile, it is an open door from the outside world into the intimate, inner space. A sensorial experience that will guide you at the discovery of 6 unique artisanal realities, spacing from Japan to Italy through a selection of exceptional household items that celebrate history, culture and artistic expression. 

« Okumuki » is also the deeper expression of travelling, experiencing the world and bringing it back into the indoor space of our home, elevating the intimate dialogue between oneself and household objects that are able to magnify the ordinary and celebrate everyday life, cherishing the time spent in our contemporary cocoons. 

While walking in the heart of Brera Design District you are invited to discover the highest international artisanal expressions through exceptional items, chosen for you to enjoy by the incomparable experience of Amleto Missaglia, bringing to Milan the most refined luxury household items from over 5 generations.

Activities schedule

June 6
10:30 — 18:30 Exhibition
June 7
10:30 — 18:30 Exhibition
June 8
10:30 — 18:30 Exhibition
June 9
10:30 — 20:00 Exhibition
June 10
10:30 — 20:00 Exhibition
June 11
10:30 — 18:30 Exhibition
June 12
10:30 — 18:30 Exhibition

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& companies

Amleto Missaglia

Founded in 1884, Amleto Missaglia is a renowned home decor, table equipment, lighting and furniture boutique located in the heart of Milan. Five generations of the highest Design craft have made of Amleto Missaglia a unique destination where being delighted by the best worldwide brands.


Fiorisco is an artistic reality born in 2019 by two Milanese artisans. They transform spaces into unique, comfortable and original environments thanks to the creation of completely hand-painted wall decorations and wallpapers.

Hands on Design

Hands on Design, a brand founded in Milan in 2015 by designers Kaori Shiina and Riccardo Nardi, aims to relate the ancient work of artisans to modern life and pass it on to the future through the collaboration with the world of international design.


The Kaikado company was founded in 1875 and invented the "Chazutsu", a tea jar. Over time it became popular throughout the country and abroad, and even today, the company continues to produce it with traditional techniques, in the same shop in the center of Kyoto.

Kanaami Tsuji

Kanaami Tsuji is a Japanese craftsman who makes "Kanaami", kitchen objects in woven wire, with ancient techniques that are more than 10 centuries old. Today he has adapted those utensils to modern life by making tea strainers, bowls and baskets out of copper, brass and steel.

Mesa Design

Mesa is an Italian Design firm founded by Giuliano Malimpensa in 1980 on the banks of Lake Como in Italy. Merging the highest Italian Silversmithing techniques and contemporary Design, Mesa represents the encounter between the noble artisanal gesture and the most modern and luxurious taste.

Shuji Nakagawa

Nakagawa Mokkougei represents the fine tradition of Kyoto woodcrafting where timehonoured skills are passed on from father to son. The company prides itself of its wooden buckets, which are still handcrafted using a technique developed 700 years ago.


Amleto Missaglia

Via Verdi, 6 - Milano

Access rules

Free entry from 10:30 am to 06:30 pm. The use of a mask is recommended.