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Milan - Design Week - Wensday 8th June

June 2022 from 6.30 pm - The artworks of Ludmilla Radchenko exhibited during the Milanese Design Week. Art and fashion come along inside the Robertaebasta gallery in Via Solferino, front number 3, in the heart of Brera, one of the areas that most represent the Fuorisalone.  "Art Cocktail" in collaboration with the Acquesi winery and now a fixed appointment of the Design Week, will be an unmissable opportunity to meet the artist and discover something more about his world; Ludmilla is the first artist in the world who has declared and created the possibility of selling her works in BITCOIN, confirming how much her sensitivity towards innovation and the future are an important sign of her being and of her personal as well as professional sphere. A career studded with successes that of the most engaging artist in Pop Art, who has seen, since 2007, quadruple the prices of the 625 works sold and certified in blockchain. Fifty works from the Siberian artist's ten-year experience between 2012 and 2022, will create a dialogue with the historic pieces of modern antiques in the renowned showroom, which for the eleventh consecutive year will host Radchenko's art and her artistic research and numerous projects that have allowed her to establish herself as a Pop Artist at an international level. An important milestone, which will see the launch of the special artistic keychain with an official catalog inserted digitally thanks to an avant-garde chip.   For the entire duration of the Design Week, the Robertaebasta space will introduce to the refined public of Brera not only the works of Ludmilla, but also the "Multipli d'Arte", decorative panels of the "Momenti Pop" project created in collaboration with Momenti Casa, and the famous FullArt of the internationally registered brand "Siberian Soup FullArt".

Activities schedule

June 6
11:00 — 19:00 Exhibition - Exhibition/ArtShop
June 7
11:00 — 19:30 Exhibition - Exhibition/ArtShop
June 8
11:00 — 19:00 Exhibition - Exhibition/ArtShop
19:00 — 22:00 Cocktail party - None
June 9
11:00 — 19:00 Exhibition - Exhibition/ArtShop
June 10
11:00 — 19:00 Exhibition - Exhibition/ArtShop
June 11
11:00 — 19:00 Exhibition - Exhibition/ArtShop
June 12
11:00 — 19:00 Exhibition - Exhibition/ArtShop

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Robertaebasta - Solferino

Via Solferino fronte civico, 3 - Milano

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