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What solutions will be needed tomorrow? How will we live in the future? Sustainability is more important than ever. That’s why SURTECO remains inquisitive and is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and materials. The result: unique decors. We combine sophisticated design and state-of-the-art technologies so that innovations that inspire at first sight can be created.

What does sustainability mean for SURTECO? How do our designers implement sustainability? In our exhibition space at Via Formentini 4/6, we have decors which have been developed from natural materials such as leek and feature fine fascinating layers on display. Similarly, we based another decor on wool in order to reflect the softness of the original material. A further decor was created from the fibres of the rattan palm tree.

SURTECO casually shows how nature and sustainability are a source of inspiration and can enrich our lives.

Activities schedule

June 6
11:00 — 23:00 Exhibition
June 7
11:00 — 23:00 Exhibition
June 8
11:00 — 23:00 Exhibition
19:30 — 24:00 Cocktail party
June 9
11:00 — 23:00 Exhibition
19:30 — 24:00 Cocktail party
June 10
11:00 — 23:00 Exhibition
June 11
11:00 — 23:00 Exhibition
June 12
11:00 — 23:00 Exhibition

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SURTECO offers surface products that blend perfectly well together in matters of design, colour, gloss and feel. Various sectors of the interior construction industry rely on our well coordinated products – from manufacturers of flooring and doors, furniture and kitchens, and even caravans.


Robertaebasta - Formentini

Via Formentini, 4/6 - Milano

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